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Association of the Miraculous Medal

Picture a cozy family living room with friends and family gathered for an annual spring piano recital. As the children take turns singing and playing their pieces, tears begin rolling down the spectators’ faces. Some are tears of thanksgiving from beaming parents and grandparents. Other tears spring from distant memories of a happy childhood. And some tears carry the pain and sorrow of lost love. One person is jubilant with joy while another is stricken with sorrow.

A teardrop is little more than water and salt, and yet it represents the complexity of human emotion. We really shouldn’t be surprised, when we know what an awesome God we have. Water is the matter by which we are cleansed, body and soul, in the healing waters of Baptism. Salt is what our Lord Jesus has called us to be – goodness in a world hungry for truth and love. How absolutely beautiful that the symbol of overflowing emotion, a teardrop, is made from the signs of overflowing grace.

Our Blessed Mother Mary experienced both the heights of joy and the depths of sorrow. She witnessed her Son Jesus restore health and hope to people who had none, but she also watched him suffer humiliation, betrayal, torture, and death.

This is why our Lady is the greatest heavenly intercessor we have. There is no tear we drop that has not already welled in our Lady’s eye and rolled down her cheeks. Mary wants to wipe away our tears and comfort us as she comforted Jesus.

We invite you to join us during the Our Lady of Sorrows Novena, beginning on September 6, in preparation for the feast of Our Lady of Sorrows on September 15. We will prayerfully remember your special intentions at our Lady’s Shrine during the novena as well as on the feast day.

Offerings are greatly appreciated, as any contribution you make directly supports the Association’s mission of spreading God’s love through Mary’s maternal intercession. It also assists in the Vincentian community’s work of caring for those most in need. You may also wish to burn a Votive Light at the Shrine as an expression of your desire to honor Mary and seek her intercession.

My name is Father Kevin McCracken, and I am the Spiritual Director here at the Association of the Miraculous Medal in Perryville, Missouri, home to our Lady’s National Shrine. Our mission is to bring Jesus Christ to the world by inspiring devotion to Mary.

Thank you in advance for sharing your prayers with us and returning to us your intentions of thanksgiving, joy, and sorrow. I will present them to our Lady with confidence that she will obtain God’s grace.

Sincerely yours in Mary,

Fr. Kevin McCracken, C.M.
Spiritual Director

P.S. Request our new Light Blue Teardrop Rosary and Teardrop Miraculous Medal and Chain. They will be blessed here at our Lady’s Shrine.