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Association of the Miraculous Medal

Think of all the beautiful acts of love expressed when someone loses a dear friend or family member. Flowers are sent. Cards of remembrance are mailed with deepest condolences. Visitations are made and funerals are attended. Meals are prepared and memorials are established.

As Catholics, we have another expression that not only reaches the living who are struggling with grief, but also hastens the heavenly reward of the faithful departed.

On November 2, the Church observes the commemoration of all the faithful departed on All Souls Day. Our prayer on this special day recognizes that we continue to be in union, in communion, with those who have passed from this life, including those who are awaiting entrance into the kingdom of heaven. This is the reality of intercessory prayer within the communion of saints. Prayer is multidirectional, breaking through time and state of being. The faithful departed pray for us, and we who are still living on earth can and should also pray for them, especially those souls awaiting their final heavenly reward.

For more than 37 years I have celebrated Mass as an ordained priest. At the heart of the Mass is the Eucharistic Prayer, “the center and high point of the entire celebration…the prayer of thanksgiving and sanctification.” I often pray Eucharistic Prayer III which includes this intercession to God the Father:

“To our departed brothers and sisters and to all who were pleasing to you at their passing from this life, give kind admittance to your kingdom. There we hope to enjoy forever the fullness of your glory through Christ our Lord, through whom you bestow on the world all that is good.”

As members of the Association of the Miraculous Medal, we instinctively turn to our Blessed Mother as the Queen of Heaven. She brought Jesus into the world and, just as she interceded for him, she continues to intercede with us for our beloved who have departed in faith.

At the Shrine of our Lady in Perryville, we will pray for your departed family and friends on All Souls Day and throughout the month of November. On November 2, we will celebrate Mass for those you wish to remember. Please send their names on this "Remembrance List". The names will be placed near the altar for All Souls Day, and if you also give us their anniversary dates, we will remember your loved ones at our Lady’s National Shrine during their anniversary month.

Finally, you can be at the Shrine in spirit throughout the month of November by burning Votive Lights for your departed loved ones. Simply check the appropriate space on the "Remembrance List" and select your Votive Light offering. The Votive Light reminds us that our eternal hope comes from the world’s true light, Jesus, and that we are confident our faithful departed will dwell with our Lord in the place of light and peace. We will include in our prayers any other intentions you may wish to add to the list.

Your offering will promote devotion to Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal and will help support the ministries of the Vincentian community, especially our work among the poor.

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The month of November reminds us to pray for all the faithful departed. By prayer, we are united with those who have gained and who are gaining admittance into God’s eternal kingdom. You and your loved ones are remembered in the daily Mass and prayers at the Shrine. Thank you for your prayers and support!

In the love of Jesus and Mary,

Fr. Kevin McCracken, C.M.
Spiritual Director