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Association of the Miraculous Medal

There once was a girl from Burgundy named Zoe. She was born the ninth of eleven children, in the year 1806, as the bells of the evening Angelus rang through the French village of Fain-lès-Moutiers.

Her mother, Madeleine, sensed something special about little Zoe and requested that the newborn’s name be entered into the civil records immediately, not wanting to wait until morning.

Over the years, Zoe and her mother developed a very deep bond. She taught Zoe all she knew about managing a home and living a holy life. And as it turns out, Madeleine’s premonition about Zoe’s special character was accurate.

Friends and relatives saw in the young girl an emotional and spiritual maturity that kept her ever attentive, pleasant, honest, and pious. This comforting demeanor of Zoe’s made it difficult for her mother, Madeleine, to ever leave her side.

Such love became tragic when, at the age of forty-two, her mother, Madeleine, passed away. Little Zoe was just nine at the time.

The hole in Zoe’s heart left by the loss of her beloved mother was massive, and the little girl knew only one way to fill the void. Just days after her mother’s funeral, when no one was watching, Zoe made her way into her parents’ bedroom. She climbed up on a chair, reached high, and brought down from a shelf a statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Not knowing that the family’s household servant was now viewing from around the corner, Zoe wrapped her arms around the Blessed Virgin, as if hugging one of her dolls, and said, “Now, dear Blessed Mother, now you will be my mother!”

Zoe’s baptismal name was Catherine. She grew to be Saint Catherine Labouré, a Daughter of Charity, who received the image of the Miraculous Medal from our Blessed Mother in 1830.

Mother’s Day is here, and so I offer you this reflection of Saint Catherine and her mother, Madeleine, on behalf of the Association of the Miraculous Medal.

My hope is that it inspires you and many others to follow the example of Saint Catherine by doing all you can to fill the world’s aching hearts with Mary’s maternal care. She promises to obtain the love of her Son Jesus for all who ask.

I invite you to seek Mary’s intercession by sending someone special in your life the new Mother’s Day card from our Lady’s Association. This card promises the recipient a special remembrance in the Masses offered here at our Lady’s Shrine on Mother’s Day, May 12, and during the month of May.

I also invite you to burn a Votive Light as a sign of your prayers.

Use the Mother’s Day remembrance list to send me the names of loved ones to be remembered on Mother’s Day and during the month of May. If you are requesting Votive Lights to burn, you can also indicate this on the remembrance list.

Any offering you send will help spread devotion to Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal and assist the charitable works of the Vincentian community.

Thank you for your prayers and support. May Mary, Jesus’ Mother and yours, intercede for you and your loved ones on this very special Mother’s Day.

Sincerely yours in our Lady,

Father. Kevin McCracken, C.M.
Spiritual Director