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Association of the Miraculous Medal

I hear it from so many people these days. They want to be informed, and thus empowered, to bring about good in the country and in the world. But unfortunately, there are men and women across our land who have lost confidence in both the country’s press and its political system. Fear, anger, violence, isolation, depression, and overall hopelessness are threatening to tear us apart.

In times like these, we must keep a spiritual perspective. The problems facing mankind today are not new. Satan has forever attempted to divide God’s children and create in us a destructive doubt in the Father’s love for his creation. The thing to remember is that the Lord has never before abandoned us, and he will not do so now.

Do not despair. God wants us to “know the truth and be saved” (1 Timothy 2:4). He sent the Messiah to save us, and today, Jesus comes to us in the same way he did 2,000 years ago – through Mary, the Immaculate Conception.

In Paris, France, in the year 1830, the Blessed Virgin appeared to a young novice of the Daughters of Charity named Catherine Labouré. Mary told the young sister, “The times are very evil. Sorrows will come upon France....The whole world will be upset by miseries of every kind." Mary was speaking of the revolutions of 1830 and 1832, and the subsequent chaos in France and elsewhere in Europe.

The situation back then seemed hopeless, just as it does for so many today. But no situation is hopeless when Mary, the Mother of Jesus, steps in! Mary gave Sister Catherine instructions to have a special medal made and distributed throughout the world. In just ten years, tens of millions of these medals were dispersed, and hope began to shine again. So much hope, in fact, that the medal became known as Mary’s “Miraculous” Medal.

Our culture really does face serious challenges. All the more reason to turn to Immaculate Mary, to wear her Miraculous Medal, and to spread devotion to our Lady, who brings Jesus Christ, God’s saving truth, to the world! We need to remember this every day, which is why I am offering you a Miraculous Medal Planner. It lists Association spiritual benefits and gives the dates of feasts, novenas, and octaves at our Lady’s Shrine. It will remind you, as you schedule your own dates and events, that Mary brings Jesus to you every day of your life.

One very important event that I want to bring to your attention is the Miraculous Medal Novena that will take place here at the National Shrine of Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal, November 18-26. Our Blessed Mother is waiting to hear your prayers and has promised to intercede for all who trust in her loving care.

Please allow us to pray with you. Send your petitions today to our Lady’s Shrine for remembrance in the annual Miraculous Medal Novena, and at the Mass on the feast of the Miraculous Medal, November 27.

As a sign of your spiritual presence at our Lady’s Shrine, I also invite you to burn a Votive Light for your intentions. They will remain here at our Lady’s Altar as a symbol of your prayers. You can request a Votive Light on the enclosed reply form.

Through God’s grace, we will be victorious in the daily battles being fought against the evil one, especially when Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal comes to our aid! The following words from a member in Pennsylvania truly attests to this.

“My miracle is not a simple, one-time event. Instead, it is a never-ending source of faith and love. Ever since I started wearing the Miraculous Medal, I began finding more joy in prayer and reading the Bible. I feel Mary's love for me everywhere I go. I wear my Miraculous Medal all the time. When I look at my medal, I simply smile and say, "I'm a child of Mary!” I am grateful to Mary for all the graces and blessings I have received through her intercession.”

Let us follow this confident example and regularly pray the words Mary gave Saint Catherine Labouré in 1830, the same words inscribed on the Miraculous Medal, "O Mary conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee." All of us who pray at the Shrine will remember your intentions here during the Miraculous Medal Novena. Thank you and may God bless you always.

Sincerely yours in our Lady,

Fr. Kevin McCracken, C.M.
Spiritual Director