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Association of the Miraculous Medal

When God completed his work of creation, he looked upon everything he had made and found it very good. The world was perfect then, and with eyes of faith and hearts full of hope, we know that it will be once again. Through his saving death and resurrection, Jesus has redeemed mankind! Today, through the sacramental life of his one, holy, catholic, and apostolic Church, God is restoring us to the original holiness we once knew.

This lifelong process of personal, spiritual transformation is nothing less than the work of the Holy Spirit in our very souls. What a miracle! Making this conversion even more miraculous is the fact that we have a heavenly Mother who accompanies us, lifts us up, and cheers us on every step of the way. Jesus gave the world his Mother to be our Mother, and she lifts our prayers up to her Son as often as we seek her help!

If you are looking for a way to share this miraculous grace with someone you love, I have the perfect recommendation. It is a Perpetual Membership in the Association of the Miraculous Medal - an ongoing share in the spiritual benefits offered at the Shrine of Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal here in Perryville, Missouri. The great thing about this gift is that it is beneficial for both the living and the deceased.

All perpetual members, even after their passing, enjoy the following spiritual benefits:
•   A remembrance in a monthly novena of Masses
•   Two additional monthly novenas, one offered at Mary’s apparition site
     in Paris, and another in Rome
•   Thirty other Masses offered each month for Association members

I hope you take the opportunity to present someone with this beautiful gift. To enroll a loved one in a perpetual membership, simply click here and follow the instructions. The usual offering is $15 for each person you enroll, or $25 for a couple.

In addition to Individual Perpetual Membership certificate, we also have a Deluxe Individual Perpetual Membership certificate available for an offering of $25 for each person, or $35 for a couple. If you wish to enroll a family, we also offer a Family Perpetual Membership certificate for a suggested offering of $50. To order these certificates you may call at 1-800-264-6279, write, or click here.

You also may wish to give your loved one a Perpetual Membership Medal. The smaller gold plated medal and 18-inch chain is recommended for women, and the larger nickel silver medal and 27-inch chain for men. Both medals come in a presentation box and may be requested when you enroll an individual. Each Perpetual Membership Medal is available for a suggested offering of $7.

All offerings for memberships will promote the work of the Association of the Miraculous Medal, as will any additional offerings you choose to make. Your gifts bring the message of Mary's love to the world, promoting devotion to our Lady and assisting the Vincentian community in its ministries of evangelization and service to the poor.

You are in our prayers here at our Lady’s Shrine. Please continue to pray for all members of the Association. May Jesus bless you, and may Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal bring you and your loved ones ever closer to the God of all goodness, our Lord Jesus!

Sincerely in Jesus and Mary,

Fr. Kevin McCracken, C.M.
Spiritual Director

P.S. Your recipient will thank you for these wonderful benefits: a remembrance in a
        monthly novena of Masses, two additional monthly novenas, and thirty other
        Masses offered each month for Association members.

P.P.S. Think what a beautiful gift the Perpetual Membership Medal will make for your
            newly enrolled member.