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Association of the Miraculous Medal
Church and Visitor's Center Custodian

The Church and Visitor’s Center Custodian cleans the Shrine Church and Visitor’s Center on a regular and continuing basis.


1.         Cleans the floors in the Church, including the sanctuary, the Shrine, the Votive Light room, the Reconciliation Room, the vestibule, and the sacristy area especially sink area.  Also, cleans the floors in the Visitor’s Center.

2.         Cleans the restrooms at the Church and the Visitor’s Center.  Makes sure that each has an adequate supply of toilet paper, soap, and paper towels.

3.         Sets out the dust mop heads for the laundry and returns the clean dust mop heads to the closet.

4.         Dusts the pews, the altars, other areas in the church, and the furniture in the vestibule and sacristy area where Priests vest themselves for Mass.

5.         Water flowers in sacristy and seasonal ones on the Altar and in Sanctuary area.

6.         Changes Altar linens.

7.         Fills Holy Water fonts.

8.         Empties trash cans as needed. 

9.         Cleans the outside steps as needed. 

10.       Performs other related duties as required.


Reports directly to the Finance Director.


Cleaning and Maintenance
Salary Level - "2"


 The Church and Visitor’s Center Custodian must be able to work without close supervision, and take initiative to notice things that need to be cleaned and do so without instruction.  The Church and Visitor’s Center Custodian must be trustworthy since he/she is alone for much of the work schedule.  Must be able to be courteous and hospitable to visitors.

The Church and Visitor’s Custodian must be able to lift at least 35 pounds periodically.  Must be able to work on a ladder occasionally as the job demands.

Must be able to communicate with Association management as well as other staff members.

Schedule must be flexible to cover special events.