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Association of the Miraculous Medal

Even though we know our eternal hope in Christ includes the way of the cross here on earth, enduring life’s many trials and tribulations can still feel so very overwhelming.

Are you struggling with something that turns your stomach into knots by day or keeps you tossing and turning at night? Worries over personal finances, physical illness, family struggles, work stress, and so many other life challenges are constantly threatening our faith and trying to steal our joy.

It’s in times like this, when the weight of the world is dragging us down, that we cry out to God. Looking toward heaven, our hearts surge in recognition of his love as we respond with our own love, embracing both trial and joy. This is how Saint Thérèse describes prayer, and I find her words particularly inspiring, especially when life is harder than usual.

I invite you to send me your prayer intentions to be placed at our Lady’s Altar here at her National Shrine. As a sign of your prayers, you can also burn Votive Lights to remain lit as we seek Mary’s intercession together.

Your offering today in support of our Lady’s Association allows us to carry on the mission given to Saint Catherine Labouré in the year 1830 – the mission of bringing Jesus to the world through Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal. When you send your offering of support, please remember to include your prayer intentions so that I can place them at our Lady’s Altar for special remembrance.

And, for an offering of $17 or more, I will send you a bottle of Blessed Oil that has been touched to a first-class relic of Saint Catherine Labouré and blessed here at our Lady’s Shrine.

Thank you for your faithful offering and your continued devotion to our Lady, her Association, and her Son Jesus Christ. May all those who trust in Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal and seek her help be graced by God’s superabundant love.

Sincerely in Jesus and Mary,

Fr. Kevin McCracken, C.M.
Spiritual Director

P.S. We wish you a grace-filled Easter season. I pray you and your loved ones are  experiencing many Easter blessings!