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Rays of Light Newsletter – Request Your Free Financial Organizer
As this first issue of Rays of Light highlights, casting a stone across the water creates many ripples.  

A little love; a little planning; a little understanding; a little patience. When blessed and multiplied by God, the gifts you offer throughout each day can go a long way for others.  

Organizing your financial affairs is one such gift to those closest to you. Doing so can bring you and them peace of mind; it can also ease their burden in the event of a future crisis.  

The Association of the Miraculous Medal is pleased to help you organize important information your family members may one day need at a moment’s notice — all in one place. Request your free Personal Financial Affairs booklet (X120) to be mailed to your home by calling 1-800-264-6279 or emailing us at  

Its easy-to-use format offers you a way to create a clear, convenient, and complete summary of your pertinent financial institutions, account numbers, contact names, and more.  

Thank you for your continuing support of the Association of the Miraculous Medal. Be assured that you and your needs are being remembered in prayer.
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