Catholic Home Studies Services (CHSS)

Catholic Home Study Service is a program closely affiliated with the Association of the Miraculous Medal. Father Ron Hoye, C.M., a member and priest of the Congregation of the mIssion, will continue Father Luke's work with Catholic Home Study as Director. CHSS offers nine FREE correspondence courses on our Catholic Faith. Fr. Hoye invites you, as members, to enroll in a free course. Consider this as a personal gift from him.


CHSS has been offering free courses since 1935, and they have been taken by hundreds of thousands of people, both Catholic and non-Catholic. There is no charge, no obligation, no time limit on completing a course, and no one will call you.


It’s part of our mission at the Association to help members become more like Jesus, and Mary directs us to him, saying as she did at Cana: ”Do whatever he tells you.“


The best way to enroll is through our web site: Or you can enroll by mail. There is no special order in which the courses must be taken. When one is finished, another can be taken. There is a “test” at the end of each chapter with multiple choice and true/false questions. The test answers are returned to us through our website or by postal mail. Fr. Joyce's staff grade the tests and return any corrections to those enrolled in the course. The staff is also responsible for mailing the books and certificates of completion.


If you have questions, call Catholic Home Study Service at 573-547-4084, or the Association (800-264-6279).