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R152-Genuine Connemara Marble Single Decade Rosary
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Item #: R152

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In Ireland, they call it An Paidrin Beag, "The Little Rosary." Made entirely of
Irish materials, this fascinating Connemara Marble Single Decade Rosary is a
special taste of Ireland. The beads are carved from the unique marble of the
Connemara region of Ireland and wired around the outside of the bead to form the
decade. The crucifix is an Irish Celtic cross. The little rosary is about 10 inches long.

In Ireland, the use of a single decade rosary dates to the Penal times, when it was
forbidden to practice the Catholic Faith. Priests lived in hiding and celebrated Mass
for the people in hidden areas on the hillsides. This little rosary is just one example of
how people were creative in finding ways to continue their devotion under persecution.

It will be blessed at the Shrine and come to you in a special display box with an explanation
of the rosary and instructions for using it printed on the box.
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