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Association of the Miraculous Medal
Production Team Leader

Under the direction of the Operations Director, the Production Team Leader plans, coordinates, supervises, and participates in the activities of the team. The Production team is responsible for providing design, printing, cutting, folding, ink jetting, insertion, and shipping for the Association’s mailings and acknowledgements. The team is also responsible for the fulfillment of all card, literature, and gift orders from its members. The team works closely with USPS and other mail services for pick-up and delivery of these items.

 The Production Team Leader is also responsible for the overall operation and staffing of the Association gift shop.


Experience in all phases of Print Shop work: artwork, layout design, photogra¬phy, printing, folding, and inserting. The Production Team Leader is expected to keep abreast of trends, developments, and directions of the printing industry. Three years of experience in the Production Team, is desired but not required.

 Must have a good working knowledge of a personal computer and software packages used, how printing presses, paper folders, cutters, inserters, ink-jet printer, and other printing and production equipment work, and also know how to perform ordi¬nary maintenance and repair on this equipment.

 Must be able to communicate effectively with members of the team. Must be able to communicate effectively with all levels of management and relate the various Production Team operations to them.

 This is a full-time position. Must be willing to work the hours necessary to perform the job effectively.


1. Plans schedules, assigns work, monitors operations, and maintains the flow of work through the department.

2. Works out mutual goals and standards with individual team members, then coaches, appraises, and evaluates personnel performance in order to meet these goals.

3. Evaluates departmental methods and needs, and makes appropriate recommendations. Sets standard production guidelines with others.

4. Obtains quotes, schedules printing and delivery from outside vendors for printing of quarterly bulletins and other literature that are beyond in-house capabilities.

5. Acts as a liaison between staff and the Human Resources Manager if personnel matters cannot be resolved within the team. Gives primary approval/disapproval of leaves requested and forwards this information.

6.Acts as an advisor in determining personnel requirements.

7. Coordinates ordering supplies and equipment maintenance and repair.

8.Performs other related duties as required, including operating of machines as needed, and performing ordinary maintenance and repair on this equipment. See job descriptions for these positions.

For consideration, please mail or email a letter of application and resume to:

The Association of the Miraculous Medal
ATTN: Human Resources Manager
1811 West St Joseph Street, Perryville, MO 63775