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Association of the Miraculous Medal

Looking back, I often wonder how my mom did it.

My parents had their hands full raising seven kids in the 1950s and 60s! I think not just of the daily cooking, laundry, and housework my mom did for the nine of us, but also the work that went in to extended family gatherings with her large Italian clan.

Both of my folks were very involved in our parish in Montebello. My mom belonged to the Catholic Daughters and Italian Catholic Federation and often attended our parish’s Tuesday evening devotions to Our Lady of Perpetual Help. (Any mother of seven needs perpetual help!)

My mom’s prayer life was a sure source of strength; the love and care she showed her family was evident from the minute she awoke until she went to bed. I remember her staying near me during my ordination reception in 1982 so she could refresh my memory and reintroduce me to some family friends I might not have remembered on my own.

It’s those kinds of countless small gestures of great love that I hope and pray your own mother or mother figure showed you. I was blessed to have both my parents until 2019. Not many are that lucky.

I think of little Catherine “Zoe” Labouré. The future saint lost her beloved mother at just nine years old. I don’t think I would’ve had the spiritual maturity to do what Zoe did following that enormous loss. Just days after her mom’s funeral, with complete trust and abandonment, Zoe, while holding a statue of Our Lady, announced to the Virgin Mary, “Now, dear Blessed Mother, now you will be my mother!”

Mary responded to this faith-filled entrustment by offering Catherine a lifetime of spiritual comfort, along with a great many challenges. (Like many saints, sometimes those closest to God have the hardest road.)

As another Mother’s Day draws near, please join me in praying for all mothers as we entrust them — living or deceased — into our heavenly Mother’s loving arms.

In her intimate conversations with young Catherine, Our Blessed Mother also left a consoling promise for us all: that through her medal, what is today called “the Miraculous Medal,” she would shower innumerable favors and graces on all who ask in confidence.

I invite you to recommend someone special in your life to Our Lady by sending them one of our new Mother’s Day cards. These beautiful cards promise your recipient a special remembrance in the Masses offered here at Our Lady’s National Shrine on Mother’s Day and throughout the month of May.

You may also burn a Votive Light as a sign of your love.

To receive more Mother's Day cards, you can request them here or you can call us at

Any offering you include will help the Association draw more souls to God through devotion to Mary.

Thank you for your loving support of our AMM family. May Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal intercede for the needs you share with us to be remembered in a special way this Mother’s Day.

Sincerely yours in Jesus and Mary,

Fr. Kevin McCracken, C.M.
Spiritual Director>/p>