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Association of the Miraculous Medal

In 2018, life changed forever for 12-year-old Bryana. The healthy, happy Florida preteen was diagnosed with bone cancer.

While her dad stayed behind in Florida with the family’s two other children, Bryana and her mother, Myrna, moved to New York. There, the girl began months of treatment and surgery.

The following Mother’s Day, Bryana wrote Myrna a heartfelt note of appreciation.

“You were there for me when I was ready to give up and call it quits. You would say that once all this is over, we can look back and say ‘Remember that?’ or ‘We made it through this together.’ And you were right.”

For a young girl enduring such a great trial, Bryana found tremendous comfort in her mother’s love. “You’ve been by my side since the beginning,” she continued. “Even now as I write this, I’m looking back at all those times and wondering, What would I have done without you?’”

Bryana’s words of gratitude to her earthly mom strike me as a beautiful prayer one might address to Our Heavenly Mother.

               “Mary, you’ve been by my side since the beginning. You
               are here when I’m ready to call it quits. I know we will
               make it through this life together. Looking back on
               hard times, I wonder, what would I do without you?”

I pray you are consoled daily by Our Lady’s ceaseless love for you! I also hope the blessing of your own earthly mother has been a priceless one in your life. God calls all mothers to love and care for their children unconditionally, in every trial, just like Mary.

As another Mother’s Day draws near, I invite you to join me in praying for all mothers, living or deceased, as we entrust them into Our Lady’s loving care.

You can commend someone special in your life to Our Blessed Virgin’s intercession by sending them one of the Mother’s Day cards.  Each card offers your recipient a special remembrance in Masses offered here at Our Lady’s National Shrine on Mother’s Day and throughout the month of May.

As another sign of your love, you may also request a Votive Light to burn.

What mother doesn’t cherish even the simplest expression of love from her child? Sending your mother, or those who have been like a mother to you, one of our Mother’s Day cards is a gesture that will bring joy and spiritual blessing.

On the Mother’s Day remembrance list, feel free to send me the names of all loved ones you would like remembered in prayer throughout May. (If you are requesting Votive Lights, you can indicate this on the remembrance list.)

To receive more Mother's Day cards, simply call us at 1-800-264-6279. Or, visit our website

If you choose to include an offering for the cards, AMM will use your gift to further our mission to draw more souls closer to Jesus through Mary.

Thank you for your loving support of our AMM family. Trust Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal to intercede for you and those you love this Mother’s Day, and every day.

Together with Jesus and Mary,

Fr. Kevin McCracken, C.M.
Spiritual Director