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Association of the Miraculous Medal

I pray that you and your family are finding renewed hope during this new year. Here at our Lady’s Association, we are grateful that even with all the challenges of the past year, members like you have helped our ministry grow and flourish.

One way to take your support of the Association to the next level is to join more than 1,400 members who belong to our Twelve Stars of Mary Monthly Giving Club. These devoted members provide year-round support for our work to bring others to Christ through Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal.

Participants in our Monthly Giving Club, with a gift of $15 or more per month, will receive the following thank-you gifts:

•  A blessed sterling silver Miraculous Medal on a stainless steel chain
•  “Christ’s Mother and Ours,” an inspiring book by the late Vincentian,
    Father Oscar Lukefahr
•  A laminated prayer card with a full color image of Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal
   on the front and the Prayer to Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal printed on the back
•  10% discount on all religious articles offered by the Association, upon request

As to the difference your monthly commitment can make, consider just one of thousands of notes and calls we received last month from members giving witness to the loving intercession of Mary and the saints: 

Dear Father,
Last month I celebrated my third year of being cancer-free following a diagnosis of stage three melanoma. On the day the doctors told me of my diagnosis, I had received a Rosary in the mail. On it, I noticed a Miraculous Medal. I researched the story … After learning about Saint Catherine Labouré, I began praying to her for healing. I feel sure she interceded for the cure of my cancer. My wife and I also pray the Rosary daily, which I know has helped us both become more Christ-like in our lives.

That last sentence is key. The Miraculous Medal’s highest purpose, and Mary’s primary mission, is to help each of us become more like her Son. Given that so many spiritual battles are being fought in today’s world (and, truth be told, in each of our own hearts), the Association’s work takes on eternal meaning. That’s why we need you.

Your gift goes even further in the Twelve Stars of Mary Monthly Giving Club because your membership lowers AMM’s fundraising and administrative costs. (Multiplied by 1,400+ members, it adds up to a lot.) 

Choose from three easy ways to join:   
(1) Authorize a transfer from your bank account on the 10th of each month
(2) Authorize a charge to your credit card on the 10th of each month
(3) Mail us a check each month.

I pray that throughout 2021, we can continue to draw many more people to our Lord through our shared devotion to Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal. May she keep you ever in her maternal embrace, and may God bless you for living out the call to discipleship in Jesus.

Sincerely and gratefully in Christ,

Fr. Kevin McCracken, C.M.
Spiritual Director