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Association of the Miraculous Medal

As testimonies to the generosity of God's love in answer to prayers offered through our Lady of the Miraculous Medal, the Association receives thousands of letters. In that spirit of gratitude to God, the Association publishes edited sections of some letters.

November 29, 2021

The first letter is from California.

Dear Father,

I made a prayer request on July 14, asking for Our Lady to intercede on behalf of my father regarding the bone scans he underwent. I asked that the scans would come out clear, indicating that the cancer in his prostate had not spread. This prayer was answered. We received the results on July 21 that he is cleared for surgery. We are so thankful, and I know that Mary has always watched over me and my family. I wear my Miraculous Medal daily and I trust in her intercession. I plan to visit the Shrine in person to give my thanks. I have never been to the Shrine and I look forward to visiting with my family.

The second letter is from Philippines.

Dear Father,

I requested that Votive Lights burn at the Shrine of Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal in Perryville for our family's intention for my nephew. He resigned from his previous job after just 2 months because of workplace harassment. Our family fervently prayed to Our Blessed Mother for her intercession that my nephew would find another job despite the prevailing economic situation with the pandemic. On July 12, my nephew was informed by the company with which he applied that he should report to work on July 16 (the feast of Our Blessed Mother under her title as Our Lady of Mount Carmel). All glory, praise, and thanksgiving to Almighty God through the powerful intercession of Our Blessed Mother!

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