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Association of the Miraculous Medal

As testimonies to the generosity of God's love in answer to prayers offered through our Lady of the Miraculous Medal, the Association receives thousands of letters. In that spirit of gratitude to God, the Association publishes edited sections of some letters.

September 25, 2023

The first letter is from New York.

Dear Father,

Many years ago, I realized I had a drinking problem. I got down on my knees and prayed for Mother Mary’s intercession for strength to overcome this demon. Within days I lost all desire to drink and have been sober for more than 30 years. The second time Our Lady interceded on my behalf was when I was unemployed and had not been able to find a job. I was at a chapel praying and crying to her. A very muscular, tattooed man knelt next to me and said, "She is listening, don't give up. She knows you love her and she loves you." I replied, "I know." I looked up at Mary’s statue and the man was gone. I received a job offer the following week. I am so grateful to Our Blessed Mother for her intercession.

The second letter is from an email.

Dear Father,

Many years ago I was leaving work late at night. A freezing rain was falling and ice was accumulating on the roads. As I was traveling home, an on-coming car spun around and was literally facing the front of my vehicle. I felt a tug as I braked my car. I did not spin, but stopped on a dime, avoiding a horrific accident. I was wearing my Miraculous Medal at the time. I thanked Our Blessed Mother for watching over and protecting me and the other driver.

Share your story of Mary's intercession for you.

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