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Association of the Miraculous Medal

One of the many privileges of being Catholic is participating in the deep prayer life of the Church. With so many beautiful ways to communicate with God – adoring him, thanking him, seeking his mercy, and asking for his help – it really is a journey of a lifetime! A member from Oregon shared her journey with us.

“I want to tell you how the Miraculous Medal opened the door for me to come back into the Church. My father, who was Catholic, kept his children in Catholic school, but following my mother’s advice, I stopped practicing my faith and lived the next 50 years of my life in fear. Quite by accident, I came across a Miraculous Medal. Two weeks after wearing the medal, I came back to the Church. I found myself talking to a priest who also heard my confession. The following months I found a new sense of peace and well-being. My whole life began to change. Because of the Miraculous Medal, my sad and lonely life has been transformed into one of love and belonging.”

If you are seeking the next step in your Catholic journey, I have another true story to tell that can lead you to Jesus in a wonderful and exciting way.

On July 18, 1830, Sister Catherine Labouré, a young novice at the motherhouse of the Daughters of Charity in Paris, France, prayed that she would see the Mother of God with her own eyes. She went to sleep, convinced that she would see the Blessed Virgin that very night. Catherine was awakened at half past eleven by an angel surrounded by radiant light. The angel instructed her to come to the chapel. She walked down the dormitory hall to find the chapel lights ablaze and the Blessed Virgin sitting in the Director’s chair!  

Catherine knelt down beside our Blessed Mother, placed her hands in the Virgin’s lap, and was told by our Lady not to fear, that God had a mission for her to carry out during these evil times. Four months later, in a second apparition, Mary gave Catherine an image with the order, “Have a medal struck as I have shown you. All who wear it will receive great graces.”  She told Catherine to take the message to her confessor, Father Jean Marie Aladel, who then took it to his archbishop who gave permission for the medal to be made. The first 2,000 medals were struck in June 1832.

Almost immediately, the blessings that Mary had promised began to shower down on those who wore her medal. The devotion spread very quickly. Marvels of grace and health, peace and prosperity, followed in its wake. Before long people were calling it the “Miraculous” Medal, and within ten years, 100 million medals had been distributed throughout the world.

When our Blessed Mother gave the design of the medal to Saint Catherine, she said, “Now it must be given to the whole world and to every person.” The Association of the Miraculous Medal in Perryville, Missouri, carries out our Lady’s request by inviting men and women throughout the world to share in Mary’s promise of “great graces for all who pray with confidence.” 

I want you to request this FREE blessed Miraculous Medal to wear, and I invite you to join us in sharing Saint Catherine’s story with everyone you know and love.

If you wish to order additional FREE blessed medals (which will be attached to a card of explanation), click here. Any freewill offering will be gratefully accepted. I also encourage you to burn a Votive Light here at our Lady’s National Shrine as a sign of your commitment and prayers.

Thank you for any contribution you make in support of Mary’s Association, and may Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal obtain for you the great graces you so prayerfully seek.  

Sincerely in Jesus and Mary, 

Fr. Kevin McCracken, C.M.
Spiritual Director