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Association of the Miraculous Medal

Our Lady awaits you to turn to her with faith and confidence. She is your sign of hope, your help in adversity, and your most loving Mother at every moment.

I hope you will say YES to this special invitation to draw closer to her and her Son during a novena of Masses being held at the National Shrine of Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal beginning Saturday, November 18.

Join us in person — or take part in spirit by
sending your petitions. We’ll place your prayer intentions near the foot of Mary’s Shrine Altar and remember them in the daily Mass during the novena and on November 27, the feast of Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal.

You may also burn a Votive Light for your intentions. Its glowing rays will illuminate the Shrine’s Votive Light Sanctuary, giving witness to your faith and representing your spiritual presence with us.

From 1832, when the first Miraculous Medals were distributed, until our own day, countless people possessing Mary’s medal have told of grace-filled blessings received through her intercession, including favors they call miraculous.

Here are just a few stories shared by members of the Association of the Miraculous Medal:

From a member in Ireland:  “I have been profoundly disabled since birth, with many difficulties to deal with. By wearing Our Lady’s Miraculous Medal, I found the strength to endure them. I realize that I have received many powerful graces from Our Lord through Our Blessed Mother, not because I am holy, but by overcoming the difficulties attached to my disabilities. Be assured that you will receive wonderful graces if you wear Our Lady’s Medal and pray to her with faith and confidence.”

From Teresa in Nebraska: “When I lost our child, Joseph, suddenly from SIDS at 2 months of age, I was devastated. I leaned on Our Blessed Mother for consolation and strength. From one mother to another who lost her child, I asked for strength to work through my grief. Many fruits came from this, including my husband's conversion to the Catholic faith 20 years later.”

From a member in Texas:Several years ago I promised Mary I would send a donation in her name to the Association of the Miraculous Medal. My four-year-old niece had been diagnosed with leukemia and I requested prayers for her. Today, she is a beautiful girl who is cancer free. I am so grateful for this answer to my prayers.  I was not able to send a contribution that initial year, but Mary continued to bless our family. I will always give thanks to Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal.”

Are you grateful to Our Lady? Do you have loved ones in need of physical healing or peace in their lives? Are you in need of prayer for family members who have left the Church? 

As you face each day’s joys and struggles, the very purpose of the Miraculous Medal is to help you draw nearer to the love of Jesus through Our Blessed Mother. So, with all confidence and trust, appeal for the help you need; offer prayers of gratitude; and ask for God’s divine mercy during the Miraculous Medal Novena of Masses. Through Mary’s intercession, God will pour out endless grace and blessings upon you and your loved ones.

This is Our Lady’s promise. She will keep it.

AMM is here for you along your spiritual journey. We remember you and your intentions in prayer. I thank you for praying for me and for fellow AMM members, living and deceased. May Our Lady keep us united in faith until we arrive home, where at last we will rest safe and sound, forever in the loving arms of Jesus.

Sincerely yours in Mary,


P.S.     Request free, blessed Miraculous Medals to further AMM’s ministry. Each is affixed to a beautiful card explaining the medal’s origin. Share them with family, friends, parishioners, and anyone you meet who is seeking to draw closer to Our Lord.

 You may order the 2024 Miraculous Medal Planner to help you remember important Marian feast days, novenas, and more. Adding one with Christmas cards or special occasion gifts is a thoughtful gesture.