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Association of the Miraculous Medal

A few years ago, some eighth graders from Saint Louis, Missouri, were preparing for Confirmation. During a day-long retreat, a number of parents were asked to recount their own faith journeys. One was a mom everyone had been praying for because she was fighting cancer.

The students were polite to all the parent speakers. But they grew especially quiet and attentive when Julie got up to speak. And what she said first took them completely by surprise.

“I thank God for my cancer, because it made me realize how much I was loved.”

The children couldn’t believe their ears. Thanking God for getting cancer? 

Julie went on to share that as the youngest child in a very large family, she knew she was loved, but didn’t always feel it deep down. After her diagnosis, friends, family, and co-workers showered her with countless prayers, gifts, and offers of help. The affection and support overwhelmed her heart, bringing her so much comfort that she considered the illness a greater gift to her spirit than her previous perfect health.

Julie’s testimony tells us that sometimes, the greatest healing we can offer is the comfort of a loving word or a kind deed.

As a faithful member of our AMM family, I know you care deeply for your loved ones in need. Asking Mary’s intercession for their healing is one of the most comforting gifts you could offer. With patient anticipation, Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal awaits your appeal. She has promised to advocate for you before God’s throne, to obtain mercy and blessings for all who approach her in faith.

This Miraculous Medal Healing Remembrance Card was created as a gift of comfort and hope. If you know someone who is suffering in body, mind, or spirit, please present that person with this spiritual greeting as a gesture of your loving care. Also, send AMM their name to be remembered in Masses and prayers here at the National Shrine of Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal in Perryville, Missouri.

Would you like to add to your gift of healing remembrance?

A shimmering Sanctuary of burning Votive Lights stands in our Shrine Church, silently witnessing to the prayers and spiritual presence of members. You can add your loved one to this beautiful ensemble by requesting to burn a Votive Light in their name. 

Any offering you include will assist AMM in spreading devotion to Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal, maintaining the National Shrine, and supporting Vincentian priests and brothers in their ministries of prayer and service.

Thank you for helping us draw people closer to Jesus through his Blessed Mother! May her intercession gain for you the answer to your prayers. And may the recipient of this Miraculous Medal Healing Remembrance Card realize great comfort and hope may be found through Mary in accordance with God’s will.

Sincerely yours in Our Lady,

Fr. Kevin McCracken, C.M.
Spiritual Director