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Association of the Miraculous Medal

“Doubting” Thomas had to see the risen Christ in order to believe.

Jesus calls us blessed who do not see, but still believe.

In her perfect discipleship, Mary believed with her whole heart, even without seeing proof, without knowing what the future held, without understanding the great suffering God permitted the Holy Family to endure.

Every time we recite the Apostles’ or Nicene Creed, we proclaim all that we believe — without seeing, knowing, or understanding it all.

Today, we look forward to the joyous mystery of the Resurrection. I invite you to walk the way of faith with Our Lady. Take her Immaculate Heart as your own, rejoicing as she surely did that first Easter morning.

Sharing the joy of your beliefs with those you love can be life-changing. Request your Easter cards to use this season. Each announces the gift of prayer. Send your special intentions and include the names of your recipients, they will be remembered in the Association of the Miraculous Medal’s octave of Masses beginning Easter Sunday and concluding on Divine Mercy Sunday. You may also request to burn a Votive Light in the names of your loved ones.

Recently a member wrote to AMM about her life-changing encounter with Our Blessed Mother — one that has led to a deep and abiding faith in Christ.

I wasn’t raised in a family that attended church. In the late 1990s at age 29, I wasn’t even sure I believed in God. But somehow, I had a powerful urge to learn about Mary. On the internet I only found a little information. It was about the Immaculate and Sacred Hearts. While passing an antique shop one day, I saw a framed picture of those two hearts. I knew instantly that I was supposed to buy it.

Hanging it above our front door, a prominent place in our house, I just KNEW I would receive some sort of signal from Mary that I was on the right track. My husband did not believe me, but he went along with it.

A couple days later, he and I were returning home. As we walked in under the image, the immediate, powerful scent of roses stopped us in our tracks. "It's Mary’s signal of grace!” I cried. We were both in awe. The scent filled the area directly under the picture. Once you stepped away, it disappeared. This lasted around 30 seconds. There were no flowers, air sprays, or scented candles in or near the house. It was Mary’s signal of grace. I am now a practicing Catholic. I would die for the faith if necessary. I have enthroned the picture in my home. Praise be to Jesus Christ and his Blessed Mother, now and forever!

We may not all smell roses, but we can all be certain that through Mary, Our Lord pours out limitless mercy and blessings to draw us nearer to him in heaven.

Let us rejoice as Mary, God’s perfect disciple, leads each of us to the fullness of new life in her Son this Easter season.

Yours in Jesus and Mary,

Fr. Clayton Kilburn, C.M.
Spiritual Director


P.S.  You may request Easter cards to use this season or call us at 1-800-264-6279 weekdays 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., CT, before March 11. Adding an offering of any amount will help AMM inspire greater faith and reach more souls with Mary’s powerful Miraculous Medal. We are grateful for your generosity.


“For I do not seek understanding in order to believe ... I believe in order to understand.”

Saint Anselm of Canterbury