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Association of the Miraculous Medal

There’s an endearing Christmas legend told of five young shepherds who hurried to the stable to see the newborn King.

Each hoped to outdo the others in offering gifts for the baby. But one, the poorest shepherd, had nothing to offer. He kept his distance, feeling unworthy and ashamed.

Receiving the gifts, Mary and Joseph’s arms were filled, and there was no place to lay Jesus. Our Lady noticed the poorest shepherd, in whose arms she tenderly placed the child. Suddenly, the one who had nothing to offer was aware he’d been given everything; his empty hands now held the greatest gift of all time.

Filled with love and joy, he eagerly began showing Jesus to the others, for he longed to share with them the gift of all gifts, God himself.

How do you plan to share the gift of Jesus this Christmas?

Giving loved ones the gift of prayerful remembrance in the Eucharist is a time-honored offering I invite you to consider.

Christmas cards would make beautiful spiritual gifts for relatives and friends. Each one celebrates the true meaning of the season—that God entrusts himself to us with unconditional love, even when we have nothing to offer him back.

Each card also offers your recipient a special remembrance in an octave of Masses beginning on Christmas Day at the National Shrine of Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal — and during a weekly Mass offered by a Vincentian priest throughout 2024.

You can request more cards here to use this Christmas.  Or, call us at 1-800-264-6279.

As the Holy Father emphasized in his homily about the poorest
shepherd …

“We realize that, when we failed to measure up, God became small for our sake … to me, to you, to each of us, he says today: ‘I love you and I will always love you, for you are precious in my eyes.’

And just as Mary sought out the poorest shepherd to fill his emptiness with the Christ Child, the gift of all gifts, so she longs to do the same for each of us at every moment. We need only open ourselves to receive him as freely as he desires to give himself to us.

Thank you for all you do to bring others to Our Lord through the love of his Blessed Mother, Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal.

Know that my fellow Vincentian priests and brothers send their greetings —we will be praying for you and yours in a special way this Advent and Christmas.

Yours in the Holy Family,

Father Clayton Kilburn, C.M.
Spiritual Director


P.S.    Be sure to request extra cards before November 11 to help ensure you receive them in time to mail out for Christmas.


“He is born in utter poverty to win our hearts
by the wealth of his love.”

Pope Francis
December 24, 2019