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Association of the Miraculous Medal

In ancient times, people used anointing oil for various reasons. In the Bible, it often symbolized bestowing God’s strength and favor on someone. People also used it for its healing properties.

On my last assignment on the Indian Reservations of Arizona, I was introduced to another type of blessing. A Native American religious sister shared a cherished childhood memory of her father blessing her and her siblings with an eagle feather before she went to bed each night. She combined the symbolism of her culture with the strength of her Catholic faith to teach others the importance of a blessing each night.

Blessing your children and grandchildren builds the faith you hold dear to your hearts. It nurtures the next generation and establishes a solid foundation for their lives. It can also become a cherished memory for children.

Order your Blessed Oil today. It has been blessed here at the National Shrine of Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal and touched to a first-class relic of Saint Catherine Labouré.

I invite you to use this oil for yourself, a child, your grandchildren, or another loved one to receive God’s love and blessings. It is not a good luck charm, but a sacramental of faith — much like holy water.

I’d like to share a member’s story about their use of the Blessed Oil:

 “When my wife was in hospice, she would sometimes get very uncomfortable in between doses of her medications. I would rub blessed oil on her forehead, and every time, it seemed to make her calm and ease her pain.”

Again, using Blessed Oil is a sign of your faith. Faith heals us in accordance with God’s holy will.

I would also like to pray for you and any loved ones in your life who are in need of restored physical, mental, or spiritual health if you will send me their names. They will be remembered in the daily Mass and prayers here at the National Shrine.

You may also request to burn Votive Lights at the National Shrine for your loved ones.

If you would like to order Blessed Oil, you may request a half-ounce bottle for an offering of $17 or more. Any additional offering will help AMM continue its ministry to bring God’s love and healing to the world through Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal.               

May God continue to bless all our efforts to serve him and draw us ever closer to himself.

Sincerely yours in Our Lady,

P.S. Sacramentals like the Blessed Oil, when used in conjunction with prayer, can open hearts to receive the blessings God desires to bestow upon you and those you love.