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Association of the Miraculous Medal

As testimonies to the generosity of God's love in answer to prayers offered through our Lady of the Miraculous Medal, the Association receives thousands of letters. In that spirit of gratitude to God, the Association publishes edited sections of some letters.

April 6, 2020

The first letter is from an email.

Dear Father,

Our Blessed Mother has been with me every step of my life. She listens to my prayers and intercedes with her Son in the way that is best for me. Several years ago my father passed away from cancer the day after Easter. I prayed for two years to our Lady not to let him suffer. My father had a peaceful death. He did not suffer. I owe this favor to our Blessed Mother’s intercession. I’ve loved her since I was a little girl and I will continue to pray to her.  

The second letter is from New Jersey.

Dear Father,

This thank you letter is long overdue. I want to thank Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal for her intercession. Since a child, I have always been devoted to our Blessed Mother, my best friend. I have always worn the Miraculous Medal and have believed in Mary’s mercy, and powerful inter-cession. I have also prayed the rosary and prayed to her Son, every day. My battle with stage 4 breast cancer is over. I am free of cancer. Our Lady helped me through four months of chemotherapy, a smooth and pain free mastectomy surgery, and 33 days of radiation. She held my hand for nine months during which I wore her medal the entire time. I want to thank Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal for my “miracle.” I also want to thank you, Father, for remembering my father on the anniversary of his death. He was the best man and father a girl could hope to have. Please keep all of us in your prayers.

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