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Association of the Miraculous Medal

As testimonies to the generosity of God's love in answer to prayers offered through our Lady of the Miraculous Medal, the Association receives thousands of letters. In that spirit of gratitude to God, the Association publishes edited sections of some letters.

January 29, 2018

The first letter is from California.

Dear Father,

I recently tripped and fell, hitting my face. I had no time to put my hands out to break my fall. I broke the bridge of my nose and had a lump the size of a baseball on my forehead. I was taken to the emergency room and had a CT scan. No evidence of a brain bleed was found. I have been recuperating very well. People have asked me if I’ve had any pain. Many said “Just wait,” but did not experience any pain. I wear my Miraculous Medal every day and I know that I survived the incident because of the blessings of my medal. I thank our lady every day for these blessings granted to me. Thank you Blessed Mother for protecting me from other injuries.  

The second letter is from New Jersey.

Dear Father,

I have always had a special prayer that I say to our Lady of the Miraculous Medal. My grandmother informed me that in order to be helped, you have to contribute a few prayers in return. I must say that our Lady has never led me astray, only toward her. And now, I am leading my daughters with the same example. I am so grateful to our Lady!

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