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Gospel Reflections for May 21

Besides her great privilege of being the Mother of God, Mary was also her Son’s first disciple. She is often called the Model, or Exemplar of the Church. Following her example, we walk with her through the Gospels as we reflect on her response to God in her life.

May 21, 2017 —Sixth Sunday of Easter

John 14 15-21
 Father Oscar Lukefahr, C.M.

Brett and his wife Debbie had three small children, and expected a long and happy life together. But one summer afternoon Brett collapsed while cutting grass. He was diagnosed with a brain tumor and given only three months to live. He knew his children were too young to understand what was happening, so he video-recorded a series of messages to them. In the last one he said: “I’m going to be watching over you. I’ll be thinking about you and loving you and waiting for you. I’m going to see you again. When you feel you should be holding me, hold your mother. It will just like you are hugging me. I just wish I could hold you more.”

Brett’s story can give us new insight into today’s Gospel. At the Last Supper, Jesus is speaking to his apostles, and to us. Jesus doesn’t have long to live, and he wants to explain to his followers things hard to understand. So he leaves a message, not on a video disk, but in the living words of Scripture.

But Jesus, because he is God, can do something Brett could not do. He does not leave us orphans. He sends the Holy Spirit as Advocate (Helper) to be with us always. He promises that he and the Father will remain with us and live in us.

Jesus doesn’t have to say, “I just wish I could hold you more.” Each time we receive him in Holy Communion, he holds us close to his heart. He lives in us and we live in him. And he gives us his Mother, not as someone who must take his place, but who by her love and intercession keeps us close to Jesus, to his Father, and to the Holy Spirit. She helps us trust that in God’s time we will experience, as she has, the warmth of Christ’s embrace welcoming us to a new home where there will be no parting or pain.




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