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Gospel Reflections for August 6

Besides her great privilege of being the Mother of God, Mary was also her Son’s first disciple. She is often called the Model, or Exemplar of the Church. Following her example, we walk with her through the Gospels as we reflect on her response to God in her life.

August 6, 2017 —Eighteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Matthew 14:13-21
 Father Oscar Lukefahr, C.M.

A mother and her five-year-old son were heading to McDonald’s. She saw an accident ahead. It was her custom to pray for victims of accidents, so she said to her son, “We should pray.” From the back seat came his earnest voice: “Dear God, please don’t let those cars block the entrance to McDonald’s.”

That little boy knew what to do when he was hungry! There were no fast food restaurants in Jesus’ time, but in today’s Gospel the apostles still wanted to send thousands of people away to find something to eat.

Jesus knew this was unnecessary. He worked a miracle to feed those thousands. But people hunger for more than food. We are hungry for happiness, which exists at many levels....

Happiness One involves the body; it is the satisfaction of bodily appetites. But food makes us happy only for a while, and then we are hungry again.

Happiness Two brings in our mind and will, which direct the body to accomplish something worthwhile: achievement, success, winning. But these are also temporary, and can be eclipsed by the achievements of others.

Happiness Three involves our heart, as we love and serve others. But friends move away. Family members grow old and die. There must be more....

Happiness Four brings in the soul. We come to know and love God, who alone can satisfy the hunger in our hearts for meaning and love.

Food, achievement, and friends are not bad things. They are God’s gifts, and very good. But God wants to give us the fullness of joy. Our Blessed Mother testifies to this: “My soul proclaims the greatness of the Lord, and my spirit finds joy in God my Savior” (Luke 1:

Accidents and traffic can’t block the way to real happiness. Sin can. So we pray, “O Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee.” And with Mary we say, “My spirit finds joy in God my Savior.”

(If you’d like to learn more about the four levels of happiness, please check out the free course, “The Search for Happiness,” offered by Catholic Home Study Service (






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