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Association of the Miraculous Medal
Mary's Gift of Hope

In 1830 Mary Immaculate appeared to Saint Catherine Labouré and gave her a medal to be struck in our Lady’s honor. When the first medals were distributed in 1832, so many miracles of healing were worked through Mary’s intercession that people began calling her medal the “Miraculous Medal.”

Healing is needed as much in our time as in Saint Catherine’s. Everyone experiences suffering. Sickness, accidents, and old age cause physical, mental, and emotional pain. Mary shares our suffering and offers us healing if we ask for her intercession. I invite you to use a Healing Remembrance Certificate as a gift of hope for someone you know who is suffering.

When Mary and Joseph presented Jesus in the Temple, she was told by Simeon that a sword would pierce her heart. Throughout her life, and especially at the cross and burial of Jesus, Mary endured unimaginable suffering. She helps us realize three great truths:

First, suffering does not separate us from Jesus, but joins us more closely to him. Mary suffered with Jesus and remained united to him. The Miraculous Medal shows this with Mary’s sword–pierced heart near Christ’s thorn–crowned heart.

Second, suffering can help us grow in holiness. In Gethsemane Jesus prayed, “Father not my will, but yours be done.” We achieve holiness when we accept unavoidable suffering.

Third, suffering can be a prayer for others. Saint Paul wrote: “I fill up what is lacking in Christ’s afflictions for the sake of his body, the Church.” Christ’s sufferings were sufficient to redeem all people, but he asks the suffering members of his Body to direct his redemptive love to others.

At the Association we receive many messages of gratitude to Mary for her motherly assistance in times of suffering. She helps her children draw close to Jesus, grow in holiness, and fill up what is lacking in the afflictions of Christ. In all these ways, she offers the gift of hope! And when it is God’s will, her intercession brings miracles of healing.

In the Healing Remembrance Certificate you can read more about the Miraculous Medal. If you know someone suffering from illness, injury, or emotional pain, request a certificate and present it, your gift of hope, to that person. You may use the reply form to send the person's name to us, and we will remember that person in our Masses and prayers.

If you’d like to burn a Votive Light at our Lady's Shrine for your intentions and for those who need healing, simply note the Votive Light on the reply form, and enclose the announcement slip in the Healing Remembrance Certificate.

Any offering you send will promote devotion to our Lady of the Miraculous Medal and support the ministries of the Vincentian community.

May Mary keep you close to Jesus. You are in my prayers. Please pray for me.

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