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Association of the Miraculous Medal

You can still join the Association of the Miraculous Medal pilgrimage in March, even if you don’t have the time or the means to travel with us. You are welcome to join Father Prudencio Rodriguez and Father Charles Shelby in spirit, to pray with them, and to know that they will be praying for you at all the churches and shrines they will visit.

Send us your special intentions today. We will keep your petitions near the altar at the National Shrine of Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal, joining your prayers on the journey with Father Prudencio, Father Shelby, and the pilgrims traveling with them. On the pilgrimage Father Prudencio and Father Shelby will remember you at Mass each day, and especially at the Chapel of Apparitions in Fatima on Palm Sunday, at the Shrine of Our Lady of the Pillar in Zaragoza, Spain, and at the Carmelite convents where St. John of the Cross and St. Teresa of Avila lived and prayed.

What is a pilgrimage? It is a journey with God, a journey of faith toward our Lord. It’s a particular kind of journey, for it has a special purpose. In short, a pilgrimage summarizes the Christian life.

Like the pilgrimage, your life should lead you to God. Also, in your life and on the pilgrimage you are not alone. You travel with other people. We are all different, but we can get along, support one another, care about one another, and fill in what others need. As you travel on your pilgrimage and through your life, your faith should lead you. You can find God along the way in the places you visit and in the people you meet.

The destination both of the pilgrimage and of your life is to be with God.

You could experience this “encounter with God” if you were traveling with Father Prudencio and Father Shelby through Spain and Portugal. But you don’t need to be physically with them to have such encounters. So, as the pilgrims make their physical journey, all of us will be making our own journey of life. While you remember those traveling March 15-25 on the pilgrimage, please also be aware of God in your life. You can find God in your family, friends, work, and especially in the good you do.

Present your life to the Lord along with the pilgrims on the journey. Your name will be carried with Father Prudencio and Father Shelby throughout the pilgrimage as a reminder that you are praying with them. And they will be praying for your intentions at the many shrines and chapels they visit.

Your intentions will be a symbol uniting us in prayer on our pilgrimage—

  • you at home praying for your needs,
  • your petition, joined with the petitions of other Association members at our Lady’s National Shrine,
  • Fr. Prudencio, Fr. Shelby, and others on the pilgrimage praying for you.

As a way to remember your spiritual presence with those on the journey to Spain and Portugal, I have a special “souvenir” for you. It is a Fatima Rosary with brown wooden beads and a simple, yet beautiful, crucifix. The centerpiece depicts the Fatima apparitions, the Blessed Mother appearing to Lucia, Francisco, and Jacinta. Fr. Shelby purchased one of these rosaries the last time he was in Fatima and he still uses it. This rosary is available on request for an offering of $29.00.

Besides joining Father Prudencio and Father Shelby in prayer, become a partner with us in the Association’s mission. Along with the Vincentian community, priests, brothers, sisters, and laity following in the tradition of Saint Vincent de Paul, we reach out and help the poor with their pastoral needs. When you " class="qstring">">make your contribution and join our pilgrimage in spirit, you will also be reaching out and making a difference where it is really needed.

You can follow the pilgrimage each day by reading Father Prudencio and Father Shelby’s posts on Twitter, Facebook, or by checking the website daily.

As you share in the pilgrimage to Spain and Portugal, I pray that your trust in God will be rewarded by the answers to your prayers through our Lady’s intercession. All along our pilgrim way we will pray for you and remember your intentions.

Sincerely yours in our Lady,

Fr. Oscar Lukefahr, C.M.
Spiritual Director

Although it’s too late to join the pilgrimage in person, you can still participate. Please join us in spirit. Send your petition today and then pray with those who are traveling.

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